Darth Vader Hot Air Balloon Flies Over Actor's Hometown

A Darth Vader-shaped hot air balloon has taken flight over the English town that is the birthplace of the actor behind the mask.

The balloon took flight during England's Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.

Mark Hamill, who portrayed Vader's son, Luke Skywalker, tweeted his excitement at seeing the balloon.

“After a horrible, no good, terrible week, there’s nothing quite like a giant floating #DarthVader balloon to distract from reality & raise your spirits. #ThanksDad,”

According to "People," The balloon was built by Cameron Balloons, and has toured the world and been photographed flying over Australia, the United States, China and Malaysia, but required fundraising to bring the balloon home for the festival.

Bristol is the hometown of David Prowse, the 84 year-old actor who donned the suit for the original Star Wars trilogy. Although Prowse was behind the mask, Darth Vader's was famously voiced by James Earl Jones.

Image courtesy Getty.

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