August Hurricane History Shows It's The 2nd Most Active Month

If you're aware of the Atlantic hurricane season, you're aware that we've just entered the peak time of the season. But, how much of the season is statistically behind us? And, how much is ahead?

Since tracking began in 1851, 14% of all tropical storms happen prior to August and 10% of all hurricanes formed prior to August. 

As we continue to advance through the month, hopefully free from the threat of hurricanes, we'll see this picture begin to reverse. The peak of hurricane season has historically been the last two weeks of August and first two weeks of September. Historically, September 10th is the absolute peak of season. For perspective, there have been more tropical storms and hurricanes that have formed in August, than the first seven months of the year combined. 

Here's what we average: 2.3 tropical storms and 1.5 hurricanes, so basically about four named systems per year. An average of one storm or hurricane makes landfall in the US every other year. So, here we go, right into the heart of season. Fingers crossed.

Photo by: NOAA via Getty Images

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