Men Spend More Frivolously Than Women

According to the latest research from the You Spending Survey conducted by CNBC and Acorns, if you’re completely financially disciplined, you’re in rare company. However, if you’re inclined to splurge that makes you normal. Turns out that 90% of all of us occasionally make impulse purchases. That means that almost all of us, men and women alike do it. But what we spend when we pull that impulsive trigger, is the big difference. For guys, go big or go home seems to apply here.

The most common impulse purchase for women is between $25-$50. For guys, it’s $100+. And in fact, men’s habits are more expensive than women’s in every category studied. Usually, stereotypes exist for a reason. This may be one where times have changed or the stereotype should have never existed. Regardless, of how many pairs of shoes she has, it’s clear that men are generally more frivolous with money than women.

Photo by: Getty Images



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