Q&A – Post Mueller & Barr Deep State Investigation

Today’s entry - There is SOLID evidence that Hillary Clinton used the Democratic National Committee's law firm, Perkins Coie, to pay Fusion GPS to have a British spy compile information that he received from a Russian spy and a high ranking Kremlin official. That has never been denied by anyone involved.

Here is the set of facts which everyone has pretty much accepted that the Democratic National Committee paid a British spy to interfere with the 2016 Presidential election.

That is a serious crime and nobody is talking about it.

Muller indicted Russian companies for interfering with our election why not the DNC?

In the coming weeks, I fully expect Barr to hand out indictments and the DNC should get one. As far as I can tell the DNC has not even denied paying a foreign agent to interfere, I cannot imagine that Barr is simply going to let them get away with it. I cannot figure a good way out for them though.

If Barr impanels a grand jury, will they return a True Bill against the DNC? If they do, will Barr take it to court? What will the judge rule? Will the DNC settle out of court?

Bottom Line: I’ll walk you back to my March 25th story entitled Muller Report Timeline – Time for the tables to turnIn that story, I illustrated two take points. One, AG Barr moves on or two AG Barr begins the accountability process for the deep-state actors who fraudulently conspired against Donald Trump and later his administration.

On February 2nd of 2018, the day the Nunes memo was dropped, I’ve referenced my “30 Count Indictment” put together based on the House investigation into the illegal deep-state activities that brought about the Mueller probe in the first place. I mentioned the deep-state actors who played an illegal role in the conspiracy to frame Donald Trump.

To answer the first half of your question, those actors all have potential liability at a minimum. Given the redacted portions of the report, there are likely other officials involved, John Brennan for example. I’ve been patient and consistent in my thought that we would ultimately see accountability for what took place given the implications. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these individuals broken into two camps. Those who cooperate with the investigation and become quiet and those who become louder and defensive. Make no mistake, part of the strategy to attempt to discredit AG Barr from the onset was the fear many deep state actors have over being held to account for their role in the real conspiracy from the 2016 Election Cycle. 

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