Migrant Influx Stopped In Florida Pt. 2

After breaking the story on Thursday and working with numerous officials and media outlets to spread the word, I'd like to thank Mark Levin and Dr. Sebastian Gorka, who realized the significance of this situation and helped me spread the word nationally. I became aware of numerous similar operations across the country. Among them, flights planned for Michigan, Phoenix, and San Diego under the same pretense planned for Florida. 

Now here’s the thing. If you’re extremely politically aware you might realize that Florida, Michigan, and Arizona are all swing states. There’s evidence that Phoenix and California and the suburbs of San Diego may have counted votes from undocumented individuals via absentee ballots in the 2018 Elections. These are swing Congressional Districts central to Democrats having gained control of the House last year. 

There are two sides to stories but just one side of facts. As I mentioned on with Dr. Sebastian Gorka on Friday, the conspiracy isn’t what I’ve been exposing. It’s that the mainstream news media ignores my reporting which has been beyond dispute and completely accurate on this topic for over a year. Since breaking the South Florida story there are multiple national media outlets who obtained the information from me. The number who choose to report them as presented. Zero. The number of local media outlets who even reached out to me for additional information. Zero. Any questions on what the agenda look like?

I don’t like speaking in generalities, but I will in this case. I want to be clear that this doesn’t apply to everyone in South Florida or national media but in my experience it’s common. The laziness and potential political motivations are self-explanatory. The biggest problem I see in getting truthful, credible and insightful reporting is the need for access. It’s like this. If you’re a “news reporter”, you’re made to feel that you need access to public figures in the areas of news you’ll cover. Many of these public figures are keenly aware of this and will use this “need” to manipulate news reporters and organizations accordingly. Fearful of losing access, most in news reporting play the game.

This tactic has been used against me countless numbers of times over the years. I’ve been made aware with specific evidence of the institutionalized effort to shut me down and deny access/information to me and others around me. It’s a real and pervasive thing. While most in local and many in national news media cave to this abuse of power and public trust, I assure you I never will. It’s always been about bringing the truth to you. I’m able to do what I do because of the support I’ve received from you. On that note, let me be clear. We stopped the covert plan to move illegal immigrants into South Florida together.

Photo by: David Maung/Bloomberg/Getty Images



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