2020 President Trump's Re-Election Odds

The odds that President Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020 according to history are fairly high. As I've mentioned before, 65% of Presidents who run for re-election win. Something that’s often overlooked is what it would take for someone who voted for the incumbent president previously not to vote for them again. It has happened of course. George H.W. Bush’s “read my lips no new taxes” promise that he broke led to Ross Perot running, splitting the vote and allowing Bill Clinton to win. Another example is the case of Jimmy Carter, failing at pretty much everything, allowing Ronald Regan to win. 

The 65% is based on nearly two-thirds of all incumbent Presidents who’ve run for re-election winning. Based on a president’s approval ratings as we close in on Election Day, there are other numbers that come into play. Now that we’re within 18 months, I can begin tracking President Trump’s reelection odds-based upon history and approval ratings. As of today, 61% based on average polling and 68% based on likely voters.

Any way you look at it, President Trump is the current favorite to win the 2020 Presidential Election. There are a couple of takeaways we can glean from the difference between the average of all polling compared to likely voters. Those already likely to vote are the most likely to support President Trump, while those who aren’t currently engaged are slightly less likely to break his way. To the extent that Democrat’s opposition candidate matters, a candidate that can bring new voters into the fold who aren’t already planning to vote, currently provides the strongest opportunity for Democrats next year. 

Photo by: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images



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