DeSantis' Agenda & Florida's State Session Pt. 2

Picking up from part one with what Governor DeSantis originally called on Florida’s legislators to do and what the outcome was from Florida’s state session. These are the 7th-14th items outlined by Ron in his State-of-the-State speech to open the session and the overall outcome of the Governor’s priorities in this year’s session.

AbortionIn the most memorable quote of his speech to me, he stated this, "I wholeheartedly reject the callous disregard for human life displayed by the Governors of Virginia and New York. We won’t allow that to happen in Florida". No change in policy made it through the session

HealthcareStated that any national effort to eliminate personal health insurance plans for Floridians will be rejected. Stated his plan to work with the federal government to import prescription drugs from Canada to help make prescriptions more affordable. Emphasized the need to improve consumer/price transparency. He called on the state government to create incentives for Floridians who seek more affordable healthcare options to further encourage competition on pricing and service. Yes, First, the CON repeal will create an estimated 104 additional medical facilities in Florida over the next decade and save the average Floridian $220+ per year in healthcare costs. Second, the state did pass the legislation allowing for the importation of Canadian drugs. This still requires a federal response but is as much as the state alone can do at this point 

School SafetyCalled on the state legislature to pass recommended reforms of the MSD Commission. Said he intends to follow the guidance provided by the recently created Grand Jury which led to accountability. He defended his decision to replace Broward Sheriff Scott Israel and stated that Sheriff Gregory Tony is doing a great job thus far. Yes, passed the expansion of the Guardian Program opening up teachers for Guardian eligibility. 

Sanctuary Cities Made clear that Florida won’t become a sanctuary state and that any illegal alien who’s detained will be properly processed. He placed an added emphasis on criminal aliens who he’d previously stated would be deported. He advocated the passage of the proposed ban on Sanctuary cities/counties in Florida. Yes, passed sweeping reforms mandating that all suspects arrested have immigration status determined. Mandates federal authorities to be notified of anyone lacking legal status unless they’re cooperating with an ongoing investigation.

Support for Venezuela – Repudiated the Maduro regime. Condemned socialism as a system that is hostile to human liberty and contrary to human nature. Told Venezuelan exiles in Florida that we stand with you.Not an issue for the Florida Legislature to address.

Support for Cubans – Stated that he supports the Trump administration's efforts against the Castro regime and would like to see it go the way of Maduro’s regime creating a free Cuba. Again, not an issue for the Florida Legislature to address.

Support for Israel – Thanked the state legislature for recent anti-BDS legislation. Called out anti-Semitism and stated that BDS is DOA in Florida– Yes - adopted the US State Department’s definition of anti-Semitism and will have it applied to all government institutions statewide. 

So, the DeSantis scorecard on his 12 actionable priorities from his State-of-the-State was 9-1-2. That’s a pretty solid record in his first session. In other words, if you’re attempting to sort out what this legislative session means to you. If you’re generally on board with Governor DeSantis’s agenda, you should be pleased with the overall outcome. If you’re not, you’re not happy about what happened this year. 

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images



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