Gillum Settles Ethics Claims Made Against Him

Former candidate for Florida governor Andrew Gillum is agreeing to pay a $5,000 fine to settle ethics claims made against him. The settlement was made just

before the start of a hearing in Tallahassee today. Gillum, who narrowly lost the most recent race for Governor had been accused of improperly accepting

gifts from lobbyists.

Former Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum is admitting to one violation of accepting a gift over $100 from a lobbyist.

In exchange, the Florida Ethics Commission has agreed to drop all other counts associated with claims he accepted trips and Broadway tickets from lobbyists.

The administrative law judge dismissed four of the five charges, and the former Tallahassee mayor admitted a boat ride he took in New York Harbor should

have been reported.

Gillum says this settlement agreement keeps in tact what he said all along... he never knowingly violated any ethics laws.

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