Christian Persecution And Political Correctness Rise

I promised a follow-up to my recent stories of religious persecution, specifically Christians, so here it is. In the immediate aftermath of the Easter Sri Lanka terror attacks, I cited that as broad and horrific as those attacks were, Christians being targeted for persecution isn’t abnormal in the least. It’s simply not often reported. Just as the threat of Islamic terror is chronically under-reported. The terror attacks in Colombo weren’t the only ones that occurred Sunday but it was certainly the largest. There were two other attacks you never heard of. 

To put Islamic terror in perspective here’s what’s happened worldwide just in the past 30 days. Within in 20 countries, there have been 90 attacks, 717 deaths and 1,306 injured. As horrific as the Easter attacks were in Sri Lanka, they don’t even account for half of the dead and injured in terror attacks within the previous month. Where’s the reporting? Where’s the outrage? When will people call out Islamists who practice Sharia and believe in this evil? I don’t understand why it’s politically correct to protect a religious sect that calls for the stoning of women who are raped, homosexuals because they’re homosexual and applauds/aids terror around the world. 

I will never back down to political correctness, so let me be crystal clear. Islam, when practiced under Sharia law is evil. Period. And yes, there are more Muslims that pay homage to Sharia Law than we would like to admit. In 2011, the Pew Research Center studied Muslims in 39 countries on the question of whether suicide bombings or other like attacks on civilians can be justified, at least 8% of Muslim populations in every country studied left open the possibility for justification. In the United States, 14% of Muslims held that view. In fact, 7% of American Muslims said they outright can be justified. But, we’re not supposed to have this conversation, right? It’s not politically correct and that’s the problem. A horrible attack on mosques targeting Muslims happens in New Zealand and the entire world is made aware of the evil carried out against them. Horrible attacks are carried out almost daily by Islamists against Christians and it apparently only makes the news if it’s of the scale of what happened in Sri Lanka on Easter. 

Photo by: INTI OCON/AFP/Getty Images

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