South Florida Is Number One For Fraud In The US

Yesterday the Federal Trade Commission released its top cities for fraud and we have more than a third of them in Florida. Out of the whole country, 36% of the worst cities for fraud are in Florida. But wait here’s the worst part that is probably no surprise, South Florida is the absolute worst in the country. The Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metro is ground zero for fraud in the United States. Taking a look at the state in 2018, 3 million victims, that's about 14% of all Floridians and 1.4 million documented cases of fraud.

That number is crazy high. The average loss for victims was $375. The most common way people were approached by the fraudsters was by phone. 69% of the time. That’s why the call scamming is worse than ever, especially in South Florida. It might sound repetitious, but scammers are so skilled they can catch you off guard. So make sure to never give any personal information over the phone on a call you didn’t initiate. Remember this way you’ll reduce your risk of being a victim by nearly 70%. Otherwise, being skeptical is being smart, especially in South Florida.

Photo by: Getty Images



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