Mental Health Town Hall In Coral Springs

The city of Coral Springs hosting a mental health Town Hall tonight after the recent reported suicides of two Stoneman Douglas High School teens.

The community continues reeling from the tragedy of the Parkland massacre after a 19-year-old graduate and a current sophomore reportedly take their own lives within days of one another. There is no word on the exact motives, but therapists say survivor's guilt may have played a role. City spokeswoman Lynn Martzall says parents need to talk openly and honestly with their kids about suicide, plus check in with them daily. More than a year after the shooting, local therapists say only a fraction of those affected have sought counseling.

The City of Coral Springs is hosting a Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Town Hall, providing vital information and resources about mental health on Wednesday, March 27thf rom 6-8 p.m. Mental health organizations throughout Broward County will be available to provide necessary information and assistance.

For residents unable to attend, the City will go live with an informative panel and Q&A at 6 p.m. on theCity’s Facebook page @cityofcoralsprings

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