Mueller Report Timeline Pt. 2

Now that the Muller Report has dropped and it’s evident once and for all that there wasn’t Trump-Russia collision that led President Trump to victory in 2016, the question becomes one of what’s next? This can go one of two ways. One, AG William Barr ends this egregious chapter in American history and moves on. Two, AG William Barr begins the accountability process for the deep-state actors who fraudulently conspired against Donald Trump and later his administration.

Starting with February 2nd of 2018, the day the Nunes memo was droppedbased on the House investigation into all of the illegal deep-state activities that brought about the Mueller probe in the first place. Without going through all of the details, here are all of the deep-state actors exposed to have played an illegal role in the conspiracy to frame Donald Trump. 


  • Director James Comey
  • Deputy Director Andrew McCabe
  • Attorney Lisa Page
  • Special Agent Peter Strozk
  • Christopher Steele (former FBI informant)

Justice Department:

  • Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein
  • Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates
  • Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr
  • Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente


  • Christopher Steele (former FBI informant) working for Fusion GPS
  • Nellie Ohr with Fusion GPS and wife of Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr
  • Perkins Coie – Law firm used to funnel payments for information used against Trump
  • The Democratic National Committee
  • Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Committee

I want to emphasize that these are just the names publicly made available in the unredacted portions of the congressional investigation released over a year ago. Also, importantly, despite widespread Democratic opposition to the statements of fact at the time of the release, there’s still not one of these individuals, nor anyone in news media whose disproven any of the findings in the investigation. So where do we go from here? Turn the page or turn up the heat on the deep-state? I believe the time for accountability beings now.

As the dust begins to settle in a post-Muller investigation world for President Trump, there's something important to consider beyond the obvious. It’s natural for us to see things through the prism we understand. In other words, none of us have a clue what toll the Muller investigation has taken on the Trump administration.

As if being President of the United States doesn’t come with more stress than we can imagine, imagine attempting to do it with constant distractions coming from those who’re attempting to take you down in the process. We’ll never know how much time the President has had to dedicate to the fraudulent Mueller probe into Russian collusion. We’ll never know the extent of the stress on him. We’ll never know if he could have been even more effectual during his first two years in office. But here’s what we do know. 

The President’s cabinet contains fifteen members. Much has been made of President Trump’s turnover and difficulty retaining top officials in many of these posts. Sure, some of it comes down to President Trump’s style and differences but there’s more than enough evidence to suggest that the constant cloud hanging over the President from the Muller probe was an ongoing and consistent issue. Virtually everyone in President Trump’s inner circle had been, at a minimum, questioned/interrogated by team Muller. The pervasiveness of this had become so absurd that Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who didn’t even know Donald Trump for the time in question for the purpose of the Special Prosecution, had been run through the paces. How many top performing people are going to be willing to be part of that type of environment? How many would want to join an administration knowing that becoming part of it subjects you that type of behavior? How many people want to put their families through that type of worry and stress? That was the other dirty little secret of the deep state's plan against President Trump. Isolate him and you can help render him less effective. So, what now?

As the cloud lifts for President Trump he enters a new phase of his Presidency that likely will aid his effort to attract and retain high-quality cabinet members. 

Photo by:Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

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