Man Attacked With Knife in Florida Sandwich Shop

A man visiting Florida from the Bahamas was stabbed in the face at a Pembroke Pines sandwich shop.

Harold William's eye is swollen shut, he is also left with a huge gash on his cheek during what the victim described as an unprovoked attack.

The incident happened at Pines Market along Pines Boulevard in front of the establishment's restroom.

“I just don’t understand why he attacked me. I am lucky to be alive but the muscle on my face will probably need to be repaired," said Williams.

Williams said he was facing the bathroom door when he turned around, noticed the suspect and then felt the 9 to 10-inch knife pierce his face.

He described the attack happening so quickly causing blood to gush everywhere.

Pembroke Pines Police took 24-year-old Fawaz Hassan into custody and charged him with aggravated battery.

Photo courtesy of Harold William

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