South Florida's Property Taxes Among The Highest In The State

South Florida’s property taxes are generally the highest in the state by a wide margin. Entering 2019 the average property tax bill across Florida was $1,773. All four South Florida counties are in the top five for highest property tax expense.

  • #5: Broward: $2,664 (50% higher than state average)
  • #4: Monroe: $2,673 (51% higher than state average)
  • #3: Palm Beach County: $2,679 (51% higher than state average)
  • #1: Miami-Dade: $2,756 (55% higher than the state average)

I’m teeing this up today because it’s an especially important topic for a handful of communities throughout Palm Beach and Broward that have ballot questions that would add to their existing property tax bills if enacted. In my view, South Florida’s local governments need to learn how to do more with more. It’s a tough sell to me that property taxes could average 50%+ above the state average with annual increases in revenue and still not provide the room for local governments to operate effectively. This is why I generallyopposed those efforts and encourage you to share this information with others. 

Photo by: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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