Miami Beach Taking A Closer Look At Banning Some Sunscreens

Miami Beach may be following in Key West's footsteps and banning some sunscreens that could be damaging to coral reefs. Commissioner Michael Gongora submitting the first reading of an ordinance prohibiting the sale of sunscreen products containing oxybenzone or octinoxate. Studies show the two chemicals accumulate in the water damaging coral reefs through bleaching and harming the corals' DNA. Experts say sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide would be better to use. Key West city commissioners passed a similar ban set to take effect in 2021. Hawaii is the first state to pass the ban. The U-S Geological Survey calls America's coral reefs "imperiled national treasures," stating that the structures under the sea are dying at "alarming rates." People also pose a threat to coral reefs with destructive fishing, but pollution, warming and invasive species are also taking a toll.


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