Florida Thieves Steal $1.5 Million Worth of Clothing

Crooks in Fort Lauderdale are caught on 65 cameras recording them in action!

Police say a 40-foot and 20-foot container filled with stolen clothing has been recovered. They now want to identify the four men involved in the heist.

In the surveillance videos, four burglars are seen cutting barb wire and departing with $1.5 million worth of beachwear. The two containers filled with the attire belongs to Exist Sports Line located on the 1600 block of Northwest 23rd Ave in Fort Lauderdale.

"The company reported smaller thefts over the years but nothing as well-planned and sophisticated like the recent one," said Fort Lauderdale Police.

If you have any information on this crime to help identify the four suspects, contact Crime Stoppers 866-483-8477 (Tips)

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