Superintendent to Hold Closed-Door Meeting with Parkland Parents

The superintendent of schools in Broward County will hold a series of meetings with Parkland parents to discuss school security.

They're the first parent-superintendent conferences to happen since the shooting on February 14th, 2018.

Over four nights, one for each grade, Superintendent Robert Runcie will meet behind closed doors to talk to parents about security.

Students and the media are not allowed inside.

The school district says it wants parents to be able to speak freely without their comments being recorded.

School board members can attend, but can't speak. If they do, they risk violating Florida Sunshine laws.

The first meeting at MSD is Thursday night at 6 with the parents of ninth graders. Runcie will meet with 10th grade parents on the 4th, 11th grade parents on the 5th, and the parents of seniors on February 11th.

The district originally scheduled one larger meeting the parents last week but canceled it, citing security concerns.


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