State Government Moves Faster Than Broward School District

Finally, as Governor DeSantis has turned up the heat on accountability for Florida’s public officials, we're seeing a willingness to take the most basic steps towards actual accountability. The big story is that the board and Superintendent Runcie are reviewing specific options for improving school security and a timeline for enacting them. Who else is mind-boggled that 11 months and two days after the massacre at Stoneman Douglas we’re having this conversation?  

Ordinarily, you might blame bureaucratic nonsense for slowing down needed reforms but that’s not at all the case here. The lack of urgency in accountability for enacting needed reforms isn’t government mumbo jumbo. Not even close. Consider this, 23 days. That’s how long it took the state government to pass comprehensive gun control measures brought about by the attack on Valentine’s Day at Stoneman Douglas. That’s what’s possible for the third largest state in the country to do. 

Now, 335 days and counting. That’s how long it’s been since the attack and yet the Broward school district is discussing timelines to enact reforms? On what planet is that acceptable? Is it indifference? Incompetence? A belief that the status quo is acceptable? What is it? 

Candidly my expectations were tempered early on, but I thought that surely by the start of the school year we would see reforms enacted. When very little seemingly changed, at most schools I was genuinely surprised. When the metal detector program was canned two weeks before the start of the school year, I was disappointed. At this point, I don’t know what I am. It’s like there’s an altered state of reality with a plethora of public current and former officials in Broward.  

The question is, when will people matter more than politics? We get the government we deserve. It’s what we literally vote for. What doesn’t make sense is why people would continue to support the status quo that’s clearly failed. Here’s to hoping that Governor DeSantis’s willingness to take accountability to a whole new level in our state will finally coax the school district into doing what it should have done 334 days ago. 

Photo by: Joe Raedle/Getty Images



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