Moving A Little Lets You Live A Lot More

No doubt you’re aware that moving around is better than sitting. We now have a study that shows the impact that sitting vs. moving has on the average person. You’re probably aware that 30 minutes a day of active activity is the recommended minimum. So, what’s the specific benefit?  

According to a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the specific number is 17%. Now, what does this mean?

It's 17% more life, on average, or 17% lower risk of “early death” as its stated in the study. Now that’s just the difference in moving around for a half hour which could be as simple as walking around a little bit. If that half hour turns into a workout exercise, that 17% benefit pumps up to 35%. This means a longer healthier life.  

I'd say these numbers could be a little motivation for those thinking of giving up exercise or those considering it.  No real surprises here but these details might be helpful to quantify the risk of sitting around, which is literally doing nothing to help your health and body. 

Photo by: Robert Benson/Getty Images



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