Flu Update In Florida

If you’re sick, you’re not alone. Misery currently loves company in South Florida. If you’re not sick, it's time to be afraid, very afraid, of anyone with questionable health. As we’re nearing the typical peak of the flu season, we've reached the top CDC status of “widespread” flu outbreaks throughout Florida and specifically all of South Florida. Just within the past week, our outbreak status has gone from “regional” to “widespread” and according to the latest from the CDC, the outbreak is getting worse right now. 

The two worst counties in the state are Hillsborough and Miami-Dade. As I mentioned, all of South Florida is in outbreak status, so the news isn’t good anywhere. We’re one of the ten worst states for outbreaks right now and second to California in terms of total numbers.  

Here's the current map of Florida’s outbreaks. 

Photo by: Getty Images

Florida map Flu


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