Florida Supreme Court Rules Stand Your Ground Applies To Cops

A ruling from Florida's highest court clears a Broward deputy who was accused of manslaughter.

The Florida Supreme Court's unanimous decision means the state's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law applies to police too.

The challenge came in the case of Broward Deputy Peter Peraza.  

In 2013, he shot and killed Jermaine McBean during a confrontation outside McBean's Oakland Park apartment.

Peraza was charged with manslaughter, but won his case by claiming he was standing his ground.

The high court's ruling could set a precedent for future police-involved shootings.

Following the ruling, the Broward State Attorney's Office had this statement:

"The Broward State Attorney’s Office has been opposed to the Stand Your Ground law since it was enacted. While there was testimony from Deputy Peraza that he was in fear for his life, there was also witness testimony, as the Florida Supreme Court noted in its opinion, that “McBean did not point the weapon at the deputies.” A grand jury heard the evidence, found that it was not a justified shooting, and chose to indict Deputy Peraza on a manslaughter charge.  Stand Your Ground is a bad law and it doesn’t allow a trial jury to hear the evidence and make a decision."


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