The Cleanup Begins At Broward’s Supervisor of Elections Office

The cleanup begins at Broward’s Supervisor of Election’s office 

Excerpt: The next step in fixing Broward’s beleaguered elections office could be an audit of its finances and operations. 

County commissioners and new Supervisor of Elections Peter Antonacci will consider a county-funded assessment of how the office runs. 

Gov. Rick Scott appointed Antonacci to the position Nov. 30 after Scott suspended Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes for “misfeasance, incompetence and neglect of duty.” 

The office would not give estimates of how many ballots remained uncounted during the vote-counting process. It failed to meet the first recount deadline; it misplaced more than 2,000 ballots during the recount and it opened and counted 23 ballots that were later rejected by the Canvassing Board. 

Bottom Line: This is just scratching the surface. The Broward scorecard included a minimum of six violations of Florida election law, three instances of voter fraud, not a single legally tabulated vote from 7:31 Election Night on. Thankfully the backlash against the Broward commissioners suggesting they would support Brenda Snipes' challenge to her ouster seems to be unfruitful thus far and the first step towards understanding the extent of the problems in Broward is moving forward.  

While the buck stopped with Brenda Snipes, it is highly unlikely that the extent of the impropriety, including ballot boxes left at schools, in rental cars, being transported without oversight in private cars, etc., was carried out by her alone. It’s possible that most in administrative ranks in that office contributed to the misfeasance. 

Last week when I spoke to Peter Antonacci it was crystal clear that he is a no-nonsense person. That is exactly what is needed in Broward and Palm Beach. Which leads me back to that conversation. Why is it that Susan Bucher’s office is not being investigated/audited? Is anyone else highly concerned that we still do not have any indication of any changes, reforms, accountability, etc., in Palm Beach County? I intend to continue to stay on this one until it’s addressed. The problems and misfeasance in Palm Beach County were only marginally less than what occurred in Broward.

Photo by: Joe Skipper/Getty Images



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