Son Of Former Presidente Supermarkets Owner Facing Murder Charges

The son of a former Presidente Supermarkets part-owner was arrested Thursday in Miami Beach for allegedly helping his father financially while his father was in hiding, authorities said.

Police said 64-year-old Manuel Marin left the country in 2011 shortly after he had his wife's lover killed. According to authorities, Maring had conspired to kidnap, torture and murder his wife's secret lover, Camilo Salazar. 

Several law enforcement agencies raided the home of his son -- a wealthy businessman -- Thursday morning.

Police said Manuel Marin fled the country after homicide detectives were zeroing in on him and lived on the lam in Spain for years. He was captured Aug. 14 in Spain and was extradited to South Florida, where he is awaiting trial. 

Police said his 32-year-old son was sending him money throughout the time he was in Spain. 

According to an arrest warrant, Yaddiel Marin opened a joint bank account at Bank of Ameria eight days before Salazar was killed and repeatedly used the account to send money to his father.

Authorities said Yaddiel Marin's live-in girlfriend, Karolyn Henao, gave a sworn statement to detectives and claimed that she accompanied her boyfriend to Spain to visit his father in May 2016.

Authorities said Henao claimed she didn't know Manuel Marin's address or whereabouts but said she knew her boyfriend had regular contact with his father.

According to the warrant, Yaddiel Marin has also cashed checks in his father's name relating to a business in New Jersey. 

Yaddiel Marin faces a charge of being an accessory to murder after the fact. 

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