Pringles Launches Thanksgiving-Flavored Chips... & They Sell Out In 41 Mins

Pringles is releasing a new line of Thanksgiving-flavored chips just in time for the holiday season.

The lovely Thanksgiving Pringles feast features turkey-flavored, stuffing-flavored and pumpkin pie-flavored chips, pretty much giving you a three-course meal in Pringle form. 

You can't get the salty snacks in stores but they are on sale at the Kellogg online store. You can buy all three flavors (which come in mini cans that are designed to look like old-fashioned soup cans) for $14.99. 

The people at "Thrillist" were able to try the new chips, and they mostly gave them positive reviews. 

The writer described the turkey-flavored chip as tasting like "you’re eating a chip version of those powdered gravy packets" and could easily be rebranded as a mashed potato-flavored chip that could be sold year-round. 

The Thanksgiving-flavored chips sold out in just 41 minutes on Kellogg's online store. Pringles will auction off a pack of the chips on eBay for Giving Tuesday. 

You can find out more information about the auction on Pringles' Facebook page

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