Florida: The Most Important Swing State

Florida is often considered the most important swing state.

In this year's midterm elections, the Sunshine State is host to some crucial Senate, House and statewide races that could signal the mood across the country.

The Sunshine State is also home to a constantly changing population that includes Hispanics, young and retired people, as well as a large segment of African Americans.

In a state still recovering from damage caused by Hurricane Michael, along with a host of environmental issues and concerns, there is a lot of Floridians' minds this Election Day. 

If Florida lives up to its expectations of being a reflection of the entire nation's mood, then the race for governor and the Senate are extremely relevant. These races are literally down to the wire, and in Florida, it's independence that looks as though it will hold the key to the midterm outcomes. 

If Florida truly is a reflection of how voters feel across the nation, then wins and losses in our state will be felt far beyond the borderlines of the Sunshine State. 

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