8-Year-Old Student Left Behind After Falling Asleep On School Bus

A second grade student at Aspira Charter School was left behind on a school bus after falling asleep during the ride on Thursday.

Eight-year-old Terzaria Mathews was picked up at school Thursday just like any other regular day.

Instead of being dropped off at an aftercare facility near her house as usual, the 8-year-old found herself left behind at the bus yard after falling asleep in her seat.

The bus driver didn’t realize the child was still on the bus at the time.

The 8-year-old had to open the bus’ door and climb out of the lot.

The young student then had to cross Southwest 124th Avenue over to Coconut Palm Academy, where she finally got help.

Soon after Mathews got help, the school bus company, Advance Bus Service, made contact with the child’s parents, who rushed over to pick her up.

The bus driver even ended up driving to the family’s home to apologize.

Mathews said she was happy to see her parents after experiencing the scare.

The 8-year-old’s family said she will temporarily be driven to school starting Friday.

Miami-Dade Police were also called to the scene while everything was being handled.

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