Man Caught Making Racist Rant At Miami Beach Dunkin

A man was caught on camera making a racist rant while accosting an employee at a Miami Beach Dunkin Donuts store.

It all started on Monday when a man walked into Dunkin and allegedly started demanding to be served.

He began cursing. 

The woman working at the shop allegedly told him he needed to stop cursing or he would have to leave. That's when the man said he blew up, hurling racial slurs and obscene hand gestures at the employee before walking out the door.

Before he left, he banged on the window and showed his middle finger to the camera.

Dunkin' released the following statement about the incident:

"We are aware of the video and the situation that occurred at the franchised Dunkin' restaurant located in Miami Beach. We're disappointed by the behavior exhibited by the guest in this video. Dunkin' and its franchisees remain committed to our shared goal of providing a positive restaurant experience for all guests and restaurant employees." 

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