Rural Florida Residents Wonder When Power Will Be Returned

More than two weeks after the powerful eyewall of Hurricane Michael passed over Bay County, many Florida residents are still wondering when their power will be restored. 

Although electric, water and sewer service were restored to Panama City residents on Wednesday, those who live in the rural parts of Bay County still lack basic services.

County spokeswoman Valerie Sale says she understands why people in rural areas feel left behind.

"When you live that far away from a municipal area, there's a feeling of isolation," she said, according to a report by NBC6. "There's no question it's a challenge to reach those folks. Under normal circumstances it takes 45 minutes to an hour to get to some of those northern parts of the county."

Bay County is known for its sugar-sand beaches. 

Panama City Beach, which made it through relatively unscathed from the storm, is a mecca for spring breakers each year. Mexico Beach, another stunning community on the Gulf of Mexico, was almost obliterated by the storm. 

Stark, stunning visuals of the destruction there have been a staple of post-hurricane news coverage.

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