Mail Bomb Plot Investigation Thickens In Opa-Locka

Miami-Dade Police officials were working with the FBI in Opa-locka Thursday night to dig further into the mail-bomb plot is intensifying in South Florida. 

According to Miami-Dade deputies, the department's bomb squad and K-9 unit were assisting federal agents at the United States Postal Service Opa-locka Mail Facility as a precautionary measure.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, in an interview Thursday night with Fox News Channel, acknowledged that many of the packages were mailed from Florida and processed at several facilities, but she did not say if Opa-locka was one of them. 

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told Fox News Channel that many of the packages were mailed from Florida and processed at several facilities, but she did not say if Opa-locka was one of them. 

Authorities said there were also packages mailed from New York and Maryland and cautioned that there could be additional devices in the postal system. 

U.S. Postal Inspection Service spokesman Philip Bartlett says that postal employees and inspectors are searching mail facilities for packages matching the 10 sent over the last four days.

The bombs seized Wednesday were about 6 inches long and packed with powder and broken glass, according to a law enforcement official who viewed X-ray images. The official said the devices were made from PVC pipe and covered with black tape.

More packages discovered Thursday set off a new wave of alarm.

The Secret Service, US Postal Inspector Service and ATF are also working on the investigation. The devices uncovered thus far are not being treated as "hoax" devices, authorities said. 

Investigators from dozens of federal, state and local agencies were working to identify one or more perpetrators.

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