Parkland HOA Says "#MSDStrong" Lawn Signs Must Come Down

A homeowners' association in Parkland, Florida, is asking residents to take down their "Marjory Stoneman Douglas Strong" signs and memorabilia. 

"In keeping with the memorial plans, the community relations committee is asking residents that have shown solidarity with the MSD family by placing memorials in their yard to take them down by Nov. 15," board members from the Parkland Golf & Country Club wrote in an email.

The board members cited bylaws that require the signs come down.

It's a rule that many residents said should be changed, considering what their community has experienced and what the Parkland Strong signs signify.

"Why should we take down a sign that shows support for a community and for the tragedy that they all went through?" one resident, Allie, said, according to a report by Local 10 News. 

Ali said someone from the association informed her the community was working on a permanent memorial somewhere in the development.

A request for comment from the homeowners' association was not immediately returned.

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