Masked Man Steals Bills From Deerfield Beach Arcade Machine

Authorities arrested a man on Wednesday who they say entered a convenience store in Deerfield Beach last week wearing a Halloween mask to steal bills from an arcade machine.

The incident was reported Oct. 17 at U.S. 1 Discount Beverage at 1320 S. Federal Highway.

An arrest report says 59-year-old Stephen Canastraro put on the mask just before entering the business and immediately walked to the arcade machine, which he smashed with a hammer.

Broward Sheriff's Office deputies said one employee was inside the business at the time, but went into the office behind the counter after Canastraro came inside because he feared for his life.

Authorities said Canastraro did not say anything as he broke into the machine and took two bills.

Employees later reviewed surveillance video and saw Canastraro while he was outside, just before he put on the mask. 

The employees told authorities they recognized Canastraro as the thief, because he is a regular customer who has been shopping at the store for about 10 years.

Canastraro went back to the store Monday and was confronted by a clerk as he tried to purchase a Budweiser beer. 

He eventually left without the beer, authorities said.

According to the arrest report, employees identified Canastraro in a photo lineup.

He was arrested Wednesday at his home on charges of robbery with a weapon and committing a second-degree felony while wearing a mask. 

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