Florida Child Diagnosed With Rare Virus Similar To Polio

A North Florida hospital has confirmed the first case of a rare illness in the state that has been compared to polio.

In a Facebook post from Wednesday, Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville said a 3-year-old named Aamira was discovered to have acute flaccid myelitis – an extremely rare condition in which reflexes and muscles become weak and can cause paralysis.

Officials from the hospital say that AFM is not contagious while the Centers for Disease Control recommends parents take their child to the doctor if they experience sudden weakness or tone loss in their arms and legs.

The cause of AFM is unknown, but parents are recommended to protect children with steps like washing their hands and staying up to date with immunizations as well as other measures. 

From 2014 to 2018, almost 400 cases were reported in America with most occurring in children according to the CDC.

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