Marlins To Remove Iconic Home Run Sculpture From Stadium

The Miami Marlins on Tuesday were granted permission to move their iconic home run sculpture out of Marlins Park. 

Miami-Dade County needed to approve the request from the Marlins, as the sculpture was part of the original ballpark agreement. 

The Fish plan to move the sculpture to the plaza outside of the park. 

The sculpture would go into motion following a home run by the Marlins and it also activated after victories. These actions will still occur, but only those outside of the park will be able to view it. The team will also turn the sculpture on at 3:05 p.m. each day.

The Marlins are making a number of changes to the ballpark this off-season and this could be the biggest of all.

The Marlins will use the space previously occupied by the sculpture as a standing-room-only section. Ticket prices in this section have not been confirmed, but they could be as low as $10 per person.

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