Pro-Trump Sign Causes Controversy In Plantation Neighborhood

A Plantation homeowners association cut down two palm trees to remove a provocative pro-Donald Trump campaign sign on Monday morning after a homeowner refused to take it down.

After the sign was removed and the trees were cut down, Karl Payne, who lives in the 800 block of Northwest 10th Court, responded by hanging additional signs and Trump flags on his home.

Payne's Lauderdale West community has strict rules about how homeowners can decorate their properties. 

The homeowners association does not allow campaign signs and campaign flags.

The front lawns of the properties also are maintained by the association, and the trees and other foliage in front of the homes in Lauderdale West are in common areas owned by the association.

Neighbors complained about the initial sign, which read, "Trump 2020: No More Bulls---."

Plantation police officers were also present, but the department said the officers were only there to keep the peace and didn't take part in the removal of the sign.

Payne said that, if the dispute over the sign is not about the politics and just about the rules, he should be fined or taken to court.

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