Crocodile Spotted On North Miami K-8 School Campus

A crocodile took center stage on Monday at a North Miami school's parking lot.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was called to the scene at David Lawrence K-8 Center after the reptile was spotted on the school’s campus.

The crocodile, measuring nearly 5 feet long, was spotted in the area of the parking lot, causing school officials to close the lot and making parents drop their children off in front of the gate.

After a bit of a fight, FWC trappers were able to pull the crocodile from some bushes.

FWC set up a perimeter and taped up the croc's arms, legs and snout before putting it in the bed of a pickup truck.

Operations at the school returned to normal after the reptile was captured.

The crocodile was tagged and will be relocated to an unspecified location.

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