Men Arrested For Installing Skimming Device On Davie Gas Station Pump

Authorities on Friday said two men were arrested Wednesday after placing a credit card skimmer at a gas pump in Davie.

According to police, an officer saw a car around 4 a.m. Wednesday that was stopped in front of an outer gas pump at the Marathon Gas Station located at 4450 S. University Drive.

Police said the officer saw the men opening up the gas pump cover. 

As the officer moved closer, he saw one of the men trying to install a credit card skimming device inside of the pump/

The two men, identified as 30-year-old Raul Hernandez-Beltran, and 28-year-old Rafael Mirabel-Bonora, both of Cuba, were arrested on charges of fraudulently using a scanning device. 

Mirabel-Bonora faces an additional charge of violating terms of his probation.

Authorities said the suspects had numerous items in their possession that are consistent with credit card skimming, including special tools to access the pump, a laptop computer, other skimming devices, several gift cards and extra Department of Agriculture seals, police said.

The items were confiscated by police as evidence. 

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