Don't Take Your For Granted If You Love It

The way questions are asked is vital for understanding the importance of answers. For example, for years many researchers have asked workplace related questions that make it seem like no one is engaged in their work and almost everyone hates everything about their job. That’s unrealistic and not terribly useful. There are many more people who are perfectly at peace with their work but if they could do something else, they would choose to do so. That more realistic and useful approach is the one that recently took when studying the workplace.  

Over the past decade, the average American’s perspective has shifted dramatically. During the recession and for the first couple of years after, most Americans were happy if they simply had a job with some degree of security. Now, with the best jobs-economy in 49 years, it’s easy to envision more than what you find in your day-to-day.  

Monster found that when our mind drifts at work, most commonly we’re thinking of what we’d prefer to be working on. 64% of people say they constantly fantasize about working in a different job during their shift. 27% of people say they think about it near weekly and 7% said only on a bad day.

So, what's the percentage of those who do love their job?

Only 2% say they love their job. This isn’t the end of the world. Again, even for the 64%, it doesn’t mean they hate their work, it just means they aspire for more than they’re doing which isn’t a bad thing. The most important point, especially in management, is not to take your employees, especially top performers, for granted and to help them advance towards their goals. Lastly, if you truly love your job, don’t take it for granted! Most dream to feel the way you do about your work. 

Photo by: AHMED OUOBA/AFP/Getty Images

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