Miami-Dade Rage Room Gives You Chance To Let Your Anger Out

A new South Florida business is giving you the chance to smash all of your anger and frustrations. 

That's what you're literally encouraged to do at Smash the Rage, a "rage room" in northwest Miami-Dade.

Just $30 can buy you 15 minutes inside a room filled with objects — which can be made of anything from glass and ceramic, to electronics and more — that you can literally destroy.

Customers must wear a protective suit, helmet and gloves before entering. Once inside, grab your weapon of choice and let it all out.

Barrios and Massiel Reyes opened Smash the Rage on Sept. 1. Barrios discovered the rage room concept while searching on Facebook and wanted to let out a little frustration of her own.

Customers must be at least 18 years old and sign a waiver to go on a smashing spree. The company offers packages for one person, groups and even themed packages.

Smash the Rage, located at 5056 NW 74th Avenue in Miami, is open seven days a week at various times. You must register online before arriving.

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