9-Year-Old Lauderhill Student Confronts Bullies With Gun, Police Say

A 9-year-old Lauderdill student was arrested Tuesday after authorities say he brought a loaded gun to school to confront three alleged bullies.

The incident was reported Tuesday morning at Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary School, at 1500 NW 49th Ave.

According to Lauderhill police, the child brought a loaded, .380-caliber Ruger handgun to school and pointed it at three classmates while saying, "You see this? This is a real gun."

Police said the child made other threatening comments regarding being bullied by the students.

Authorities said the school resource officer took the gun from the student and took the child into custody.

The student's parents were visibly upset when notified about the incident and denied that their child had a history of mental illness, police said.

Authorities believe the child's actions were solely intended for the three students in question and not for other classmates.

The child was taken to the Broward County Juvenile Assessment Center and faces charges of aggravated assault and possession of a firearm on school property. 

He has been ordered to serve 21 days of home detention and must wear an ankle monitor.

The judge also ordered a psychiatric evaluation for the 9-year-old.

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