Broward School Bus Driver Accused Of Falling Asleep Behind Wheel

A Broward County school bus driver is accused of falling asleep behind the wheel.

Students on the bus said the incident happened last Wednesday in Weston.  

Several parents have reported the alleged incident to the school district and are concerned about how it could have ended differently.

The children said the bus driver was able to get back on the road safely after falling asleep, but the incident left them pretty shaken up.

Broward County Public Schools released a statement Monday saying the driver has been reassigned pending an investigation.

"Broward County Public Schools takes all matters concerning student safety very seriously," the statement read. 

"The primary goal of our transportation department is to provide safe and efficient transportation for students to and from school. The transportation department is aware of an incident involving a Falcon Cove Middle School bus. Transportation staff responded immediately to concerns and followed proper protocols. The school bus operator has been reassigned to other duties in the transportation department with no contact with students, pending a review and investigation."

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