Shine MSD, Change The Ref Host Voting Event In Parkland

Families and friends in Parkland, Florida, came together Sunday to help foster change after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Shine MSD and Change the Ref, two organizations that formed in the wake of the Feb. 14 massacre, hosted a joint inaugural event called "Actions for Change Food and Music Festival" at Pine Trail Park.

The event encouraged people to vote and to get involved politically.

Doug Zeif, whose survived the horrific MSD shooting, said it’s important to support the students who are calling for change.

“This is an amazing opportunity for us to have their voices continue to be heard,” he said. “They’ve captured America’s attention, and it’s really important right now that we keep our foot on the gas pedal on this movement that these kids have started, and continue these efforts to get people registered to vote.”

Thousands of people were in attendance, as well as several bands and musicians who supported the cause.

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