Students Arrested For Bringing Knives To School In Two, Separate Incidents

Two students in South Florida have been accused of bringing a knife to school in two separate instances. 

According to authorities, both of those students have been arrested.

Officials said 18-year-old Maurice Peterkin brought an eight-inch steak knife to Piper High School in Sunrise. Peterkin told Sunrise Police he brought it to school for protection after he was beat up by several classmates at a nearby shopping plaza.

In another similar incident, 18-year-old Ronaldo Nelson is accused of bringing a folding knife to North Miami Beach Senior High on Tuesday.

Officials said he approached another classmate and demanded money from him while brandishing a knife. However, Nelson told police the classmate in question said something about his mother.

Parents believe no matter the circumstances, a knife should never be brought onto school grounds.

According to records, both students have no prior criminal records.

Peterkin was suspended while the Broward County School Board determines what to do next.

Nelson was referred to an alternative program.


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