What The Kavanaugh Hearing Is Really About

Bottom Line: Here’s one of the many irresponsible stories in the headlines today.

That’s literally anti-American, as in anti our system of government. As I’ve said from the outset of these allegations, as someone who’s been threatened and extorted, imagine a world in which due process no longer applies and you aren't guilty, of whatever accusations may ever be made against you. Having a burden on you to prove that you didn’t do something you’re accused of. Today’s a historic day. What will history have to say? For the sake of our system of government along you and your family, I hope it’s not one which creates the conditions for many more victims of threats and extortion.  

This isn’t about the Supreme Court. It’s not about Brett Kavanaugh. It’s about all of us. 

Photo By: Drew Angerer/Getty Images



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