SoFla Middle School Teacher Fired For Not Giving Half Credit On Missed Work

A former Treasure Coast middle teacher says she was fired because she refused to give students half credit even if they didn’t turn in their work.

Diane Tirado was terminated from her position teaching eighth grade U.S. history at West Gate K-8 school in Port St. Lucie on September 14th. 

Tirado posted a message on her classroom board saying in part “I have been fired for refusing to give you 50 percent for not handing anything in.”

Tirado, who has taught for years but was in her first semester at West Gate, told local news outlets that she found out about the policy after some students didn’t complete an assignment she had given two weeks before – confirmed by lettering in the student and parent handbook that says “No Zeros – Lowest Possible Grade is 50 percent.”

Tirado later posted her message on social media, where it was shared hundreds of times – adding that some students have responded with messages of support for her position.

The school’s principal did not issue a comment. 

Tirado’s termination notice did not list a reason for her firing as she was still in a probationary status as a first-year teacher at the school.

A school district spokesperson said there is “no district or individual policy” prohibiting teachers from recording a zero for work not turned in, adding that some facilities discuss their own range of points when asked about the specific wording in the school’s handbook.


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