Florida Uber Driver Arrested For Kidnapping Passenger

A Tallahassee Uber driver was arrested after a woman called police saying she was being kidnapped earlier this week.

Destiny Green if facing multiple charges, including felony kidnapping, for the Wednesday morning incident. 

The 30-year-old is being held without bond, according.

The victim, Brooke Adkins, allegedly called for an Uber vehicle to take her from a nightclub to an apartment complex on the other side of the city. Shortly afterward, Adkins says she asked to be let out of the car. That's when Green allegedly denied her request and said she was driving the victim to the hospital.

Adkins was able to roll down the back window and jumped out of the moving vehicle shortly before 4 a.m. She proceeded to call police from a nearby drug store. 


Adkins later posted photos of her bloodied hands and knees on social media.

Green, who had been called on in the past to be involuntarily committed under the Baker Act by her parents, later told police that the rider asked to be taken to the hospital but would not detail why and claims she doesn’t remember the victim asking to be let out.

Uber shared this statement that read in part “What this rider reported to police is troubling. We have removed the driver from the app and stand ready to support the police investigation."

The ride sharing service says they have an emergency button built into the app for riders to call 911 if they feel they are in danger, which sends police the license plate number and details about the car that picked you up.


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