DNA Testing Kit Solves 19-Year-Old Florida Rape, Murder

New DNA testing has helped Florida investigators solve a 19-year-old rape and murder case.

Sarasota County Sheriff's officials announced the arrest Wednesday of 39-year-old Luke Fleming. 

In March of 1999, deputies found 47-year-old Deborah Dalzell raped, beate,n and strangled in her Sarasota home following a call from concerned coworkers. 

Semen collected at the scene was run through a law enforcement DNA database, but no matches were found.

The investigation picked up again when new techniques made it possible to predict physical appearance and ancestry from DNA evidence. Then further analysis matched the crime scene sample to a database of volunteered DNA profiles to find relatives.

Fleming is charged with murder and sexual battery. 

His bail is set at $1.2 million. 


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