Hialeah Man Hangs Dead Ducks From Stop Signs To Slow Drivers Down

A man in Hialeah allegedly hung two dead ducks from a stop sign to force reckless drivers to slow down and stop speeding.

Marco Moreno told local news outlets that he decided to call attention to the issue of reckless drivers after he found the dead ducks on the side of the road on Saturday.

Other residents on the 1500 block of West 73rd Street also want to put a stop to speeding in their neighborhood.

Hialeah police responded to the scene Monday afternoon and removed the ducks. Now, neighbors hope city leaders can find a solution to avoid more killings.

"You run over a duck, you can run over a child, you can run over an elderly person," resident Gilberto Perea said. "And then the 'I'm sorrys'... it's too late."


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