Giuliani: Trump Won't Answer Mueller's Questions Too Close To Mid-Terms

President Trump's lawyer says the President will not answer questions from Special Counsel Robert Mueller too close to the November midterm elections.  

But lawmakers such as Connecticut Democratic Congressman Jim Himes are arguing the subject of an investigation should not be allowed to choose when they are questioned.

Rudy Giuliani said Sunday that Trump will not testify after September 1st because it's too close to the mid-term elections.  

He said on Monday that, two months ago. Mueller the Russian investigation could close by that date but has not mentioned the timeline since.  

Giuliani said the September 1st date is an internal deadline for Trump to submit to questioning from Mueller.  

He says the Trump administration does not want blame for distracting voters as they cast their ballots and if the special counsel wants to do so, they can take the blame.


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