SoFla Man Turns Himself In For DUI Crash That Killed Family Of 4

A South Florida man has been arrested and is now facing multiple charges in connection with a DUI crash that killed a family of four in April.

Twenty-one-year-old Paul Streater turned himself into police on Tuesday. 

Streater was involved in a fatal wreck that killed two adults and two children on April 28 near South Federal Highway and Lamat Avenue in Delray Beach. 

Police said Streater was driving more than 100 mph in a Chevy Silverado when he hit a car full of tourists. 

Toxicology results revealed that Streater’s blood showed the presence of the main ingredient found in Dust-Off -- a can of compressed air often used for cleaning computers and other electronics. Police said once it is inhaled it produces mind-altering effects.

Investigators said the cans of Dust-Off were bought at a Walmart in Boynton Beach a few hours before the crash. They believe Streater had been huffing the Dust-Off to get high.

Walmart surveillance video showed Streater and his passenger buying the cans of Dust-Off.

After the crash, Streater’s attorney claimed the truck malfunctioned and accelerated on its own.

Investigators say Streater was driving his 2010 Chevy Silverado at more than 100 mph when he rear-ended a Dodge Caravan. 

The occupants of the van were a 50-year-old driver, Jorge Raschiotto of Argentina, his sister, 42-year-old Victoria Raschiotto of Mexico and her two children, Diego, 8, and Mia, 6. All four died in the crash.

Streater is facing four counts of vehicular homicide, four counts of DUI manslaughter, as well as three counts of DUI with property damage and/or injury.

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