Free Eye Exams For Florida Children Before The New School Year, Here's How

Before you know it, school will be back in session! But before that happens, there are a number of ways you can best prepare your children (and you!) for the year ahead -- including school supply and clothing shopping, having a conversation about safety, getting a yearly physical with your doctor, and getting an eye exam. 

That's right! It's extremely important for your child to get an eye exam before the new school year. Why? Roughly 85 percent of what a child perceives, comprehends, and remembers depends on his or her visual system. An eye exam helps to ensure good vision, which can help lend to success in school and your child's future. 

Last year, about 80 percent of those who were examined needed glasses... Have you ever considered whether your child may need glasses?

The Florida Heiken Children’s Vision Program is offering free eye exams and glasses (where necessary) for Florida public school students who qualify to participate.

According to the Florida Heiken Children’s Vision Program, the comprehensive eye exam: includes a thorough examination of your child’s vision and eye health and is administered by a licensed eye doctor (optometrist).

For your child to participate in this program, the Keiken Program asks that you please apply online with your child’s school code (mandatory) and failed vision screening (if outside of Miami-Dade County) date from your school nurse or counselor.

For more information, contact the nurse or counselor at your child’s school or the Florida Heiken office at (305)856-9830 or 1-888-996-9847 or

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